VI Annual Forum for Principals in Pre-school and School Education

VI Annual Forum for Principals in Pre-school and School Education was held on June, 21-22, 2018 in Park Hotel "Moskva", Sofia, Bulgaria. The annual forum is organized by RAABE Bulgaria

Again the event gathered school and kindergarten principals from all over the country. The event was opened by Nadezhda Tzvetkova, Manager of RAABE Bulgaria, who emphasized the growing responsibilities and high expectations for the directors of the educational institutions to build a positive educational environment and increase the quality of education. Mrs. Tzvetkova introduced the 3MVET project activities to the participants that were eager to learn more about the project and the expected outcomes.

3MVET Final Dissemination Conference

On September 4th 2018, in Park-hotel "Moskva", Sofia, Bulgaria will be held the final dissemination conference under the project “Innovative VET materials for the professional field of „Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking and Metallurgy“ 3MVET, funded by Erasmus+ Program.

The conference will be attended by 100 foreign and 100 Bulgarian guests.

Digitalization in mechanical engineering sector: the key to improving productivity and performance

The digitalisation of mechanical engineering presents immense benefits for European companies in terms of productivity and performance.

The sector’s "cloudification" is facilitating the entering of European SMEs to cloud-based high-performance computing that is highly customizable and cost-saving

Mechanical engineering industry’s digitalization has been progressing steadily and essential functions of its value chain are increasingly being digitalised thus enhancing the industry’s product portfolio with digital functionalities and introducing innovative, data-based services, according to European commission’s report.

Future trends and priorities of VET in the 21st century

During CEDEFOP’s workshop, which was a part of project “The changing nature and role of vocational education and training in Europe”, over 40 participants discussed the dynamically changing role and nature of VET.

Researchers, policy-makers, learning providers and other stakeholders gathered together from 20th to 21st of February, 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece to share knowledge and exchange experiences about VET’s future at national level promoting cooperation on these matters in Europe.

Mentoring programs as a successful policy for companies

Mentorship is important not only for work-based learning, but also benefits companies’ reputations and work environment

The trainings conducted in a real working environment, under the guidance of mentors, are very important for students in vocational schools because they increase the opportunities for later professional realization.

In reference to the lack of visible active cooperation between schools and business in Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking and Metallurgy sector, there’re many benefits for the companies, promoting mentoring programs.

 Mentor’s Handbook in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking and Metallurgy - Innovative materials for mentors are being developed

Mentor’s education and qualification are varying between different countries but social, communicative and organizational competences are general for mentors in companies from all around the world.

A successful mentor must have a set of skills. Even though in most countries there is not requirement for certain education and qualification, the mentor should work hard for the continuous development and improvement of his/her social and organizational competences.

It’s his/her duty to help students fit into the work environment and to make a smooth transition from a school to a workplace. He/she must be empathic and emotionally intelligent person and must be a reliable source of support, encourage and a source of good professional advice.

Up-to-date News

24 – 28 April 2018: Joint Staff Training in Stuttgart

In the course of the joint staff training in Stuttgart (Germany), 18 participants from four 3MVET partners will be able to get practical insights into Germany’s education in the 3M sector (Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking and Metallurgy), which has proven itself as a good practice model.

VET-teachers and trainers from Bulgaria and Turkey came to visit Germany

VET-teachers and trainers from Bulgaria and Turkey came to visit Germany to learn more about the vocational educational training, which is known for its high standard. Invited by Klett MINT, one of the project partners, the 17 teachers and trainers stayed from 24th to 28th of April in Stuttgart. They visited the Ministry of Education and Arts, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a vocational school with their workshops and several apprenticing companies such as Daimler AG, Schnaithmann mechanical engineering and Porsche AG.

The transnational meeting was hosted by Centro de Formacion Somorrostro from 7th to 9th of February, 2018

Between 7th- 9th of February, 2018 in Muskiz, Spain was held the third meeting of the 3MVET project (“Innovative VET materials for the professional field of "Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking and Metallurgy”).

The Technology Institute, ITAINNOVA, conducted focus group as part of the activities on the 3MVET project

On December, 01, 2017 in Zaragoza, Spain, Aragon Institute of Technology, ITAINNOVA, conducted a focus group for evaluation of the 3MVET Mentors’ Handbook

Itainnova met mentors, engineers and experts in Metalurgy sector, and it was also appreciated, the participation of specialists recruiters supporting mentoring processes.

The meeting started with a review presentation of 3MVET project, and a deep presentation about outputs; specially Mentors´Handbook.

After, there was a debate that proved to be very succesful because there was a great participation from all members. That facilitated the valorization of the Handbook and gave valuable guidance to the Mentor role.