3MVET Teacher’s handbook – a valuable tool for changing the teaching methods and approaches

3MVET Teacher’s handbook

The main aim of MVET Teacher’s handbook is to support teachers, responsible for the overall delivery of the curricula and the design of the syllabus (allocation of theory and practice across the school year and programme in general) in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking and Metallurgy (for the vocations and specialties offered by their school leading to one or more professional qualifications). Since our aim is to supply guidance on how to cooperate with the business when performing the above mentioned tasks, the handbook is focusing on the following indicative areas:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the methodological teacher (terminology varies per country);
  • Knowledge, skills and competencies required and ways of acquiring additional qualification, support and existing continuous education opportunities;
  • Specifics of the curricula for qualifications in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking and Metallurgy (theory versus practice);
  • Allocation of class hours and practical activities across the syllabus – challenges, legal obstacles, solutions, addressing the needs of the students/trainees;
  • Cooperation with the business – legal provisions, expected results, tasks, joint responsibilities, ensuring coherence between theory and practice, monitoring of work placements, maintaining contact with strategic local and national employers;
  • Evaluation of the quality of acquired practical skills by VET students/trainees as a result of work placement in company;
  • Matching learning outcomes from school education and work placement training;
  • Mapping covered units during work placement period to state educational standards and qualification pursued;
  • Continuous Professional Development.

The manual is available in 5 language versions:

BG version: http://www.3mvet.eu/bg/резултати-от-проекта

EN version: https://www.3mvet.eu/en/project-results
DE version: https://www.3mvet.eu/de/projektergebnisse
ES version: https://www.3mvet.eu/es/resultados-del-proyecto
TR version: http://www.3mvet.eu/tr/proje-sonuçları