How do the 3MVET countries compare in the new OECD study on education?

How do the 3MVET countries compare in the new OECD study on education?

One of 3MVET project aims - to improve the transition from school to work

According to the new OECD study Education at a glance, 40 % of German students in tertiary education choose a STEM subject, which gives them excellent opportunities in the labour market. 

Still, the gender gap is large with less than a third of these new entrants being women. Furthermore, the transition from school to work is relatively smooth due to vocational programs for those who don't enter university.

Spain and Turkey were also among the participating countries. However, the results for STEM education are not as positive. In comparison to Germany, only 26 % of Spanish students and 18 % of Turkish students choose a STEM field of study. In both countries, few students are enrolled in vocational education and training (VET) programs in spite of high employment rates for those who have vocational qualification.

3MVET aims at improving VET programs in Europe, especially in the STEM field, to give young people better chances in the labour market. The 3 MVET Teachers’  and Mentors’ Handbooks will e.g. provide useful guidelines on how to improve the transition from school to work and motivate students through practical experiences in the world of work.

For further information on the results of Education at a glance, see the full study. Country notes for Germany, Spain and Turkey are also available in the respective languages: 


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