Balıkesir University

Balıkesir University

Balıkesir University (BAUN) is located in South Marmara. It is surrounded with Bursa, Kütahya in the East, İzmir and Manisa in the South, Aegean Sea and Çanakkale in the West and Marmara Sea in the North. BAUN is one of the leading higher education institutions in Turkey and it is a university in which diversity, independent thought and enterprise are encouraged. What is more, we are among the universities in Turkey awarded with the ECTS-label and Diploma Supplement Label by the European Commission. With its deep-rooted history and dynamic character, BAUN offers optimal conditions to both students and staff coming to Balıkesir, combined with the facilities which serve for different interests and groups. Balıkesir University is one of the most popular universities in Turkey owing to its location and the highest quality in education. We are proud of both our international dimension and the local authenticity.

We have 9 faculties consisting of 56 departments, 4 undergraduate schools, 12 vocational schools, 4 institutes, 17 research and development centers, one exhibition and convention center, one health and research and application hospital. We are perceived as regional pacesetter in research, education and training and our team has vast experience in transnational project implementation. Our university has approximately 40 thousand students and 2 thousand academic staff.

Balıkesir University is doing its utmost to facilitate the transfer of the experiences in learning. Our University has a highly skilled teaching staff, who are using the newest technologies, laboratories and application areas in all spheres. Balıkesir University has a great many of inter-institutional agreements with different countries.

Our Faculty of Engineering and Architecture through its Department of Mechanical Engineering, which will be involved in the 3MVET project, is offering programmes in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering and many more. In addition, we have a number of vocational schools, among which is the Balikesir VET school, located in the main university campus, and offering studies and training in the field of machines and technologies of metalwork (Makine ve Metal Teknolojileri), metallurgy, etc. Our VET schools employ experienced technicians and professionals in areas, where industry needs skilled workforce. We also offer industry-based training to our students, as well as direct contact with local manufacturers and businesses.

Prof. Dr. İrfan AY -  Professor at  department of Mechanical engineering since 1985. Prof. Dr. İrfan AY will act as leader for the project at university level and will be involved in the design of the core products, due to his strive for innovation and vast expertise in linking industry needs, latest trends in mechanical engineering and metalwork and development of up-to-date curricula.

Dr. T.Kerem DEMİRCİOĞLU and Asst. Prof. Dr. Akın ATAŞ -  both have PhD in Mechanical Engineering and currently work at our department of Mechanical Engineering. They will be  valuable members of the project team to participate in products development, but also monitor the testing phase.

Res. Asst. Fatih BALIKOĞLU and Res. Asst. Oğuzcan İNAL – Both are pursuing PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering. Their primary task in the project is to organize the local events and prepare the project documents.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fahri ÇAKI  - local coordinator-legal representative for Balıkesir University.

 Ms Ece Kanbur - Balıkesir University, International Office  -  Contact Person