Klett MINT GmbH

Klett MINT GmbH

Klett MINT (MINT stands for the English abbreviation STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a small-size German company, which provides cooperation-oriented service, paired with publishing expertise, to promote a variety of means for companies, public bodies and education and training providers to develop education and training content, which is relevant and world-of-work oriented, with particular focus on STEM and VET. Our mission is also to provide teachers with innovative materials and opportunities for cooperation with large employers.

Klett MINT organises teachers’ conferences in Germany, among which is the the First National VET conference held in Stuttgart (www.jakobb.de) in partnership with Baden Wurrttemberg Ministerium fur Kultur, Jugend and Sport, BIBB (also acting as one of the NA for Erasmus+ in Germany), Hewlett Packard, FESTO and many others. At the end of 2014, we also organised the National STEM Teachers' Congress in Berlin, under the title "school in the digital age", attended by 300 teachers from throughout Germany. In addition, participants are offered opportunity to visit numerous exhibition stands and participate in various workshops to get practical suggestions for school life and to exchange ideas.

Among our clients are Daimler AG, BASF, German Chambers of Commerce, the German Engineering Association, the German Aerospace Center, Audi Foundation for environment, Gesamtmetall (umbrella association of the regional employers' associations in the German metal and electrical (M+E) industry), Foundation for the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Lego, ENDEMOL, Deutsche Telecom Stiftung. In partnership with the largest German vocational institute, i.e. Christiani, we recently developed a new series of teacher training in the field of automation technology. 

Klett MINT has 12 employees, with various expertise and experience. Our team comprises of enthusiastic scientists, educators and media experts, who assist companies and organisations from the business sector, as well as HE and VET students, to collaborate in order to increase the overall quality of the education and training offer.

Dr. Benny Pock - Managing Director of Klett MINT, holds a PhD in linguistics and also studied Mathematics and English as a teacher for German secondary schools. Dr Pock has a very important role in ensuring the successful implementation of the joint staff training (logistics, training with key German stakeholders, study visit to school and enterprise offering work placements practice) and the wider dissemination of project results through Klett MINT extensive network of high-level stakeholders. His expertise will be applied during the design and development of the intellectual outputs, as well as to monitor the quality and applicability of the products.


Mrs Claudia Conrady - - has studied English and Mathematics and also has experience as a secondary school teacher. Her fields of expertise are mathematics, economical education, languages and technology. Mrs Conrady’s expertise will be used during the design phase, as well as the testing and monitoring of quality stages.


Mrs Angelika Mathes -  has a degree in German language and politics and has worked for several different publishing houses in Germany, as well as in Switzerland. Mrs Mathes will be actively involved during the promotion of the project throughout its lifecycle, as well as contribute to the organization of the staff training for teachers and mentors to be held in Germany.

Web: www.klett-mint.de