RAABE Bulgaria LTD

RAABE Bulgaria LTD

RAABE Bulgaria LTD is specialized in publishing professional and methodological literature in the field of education and training to over various vocational fields. The company is also very experienced in organizing trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences targeting directors and teachers of education institutions, the public sector, as well as enterprise managers.

Since 1996, RAABE Bulgaria has been one of the most dynamically developing publishing houses on Bulgarian market. RAABE Bulgaria is a subsidiary of the German holding Klett Lernen und Information GmbH, which is part of the publishing group Ernst Klett AG, based in Stuttgart, Germany. Today the Klett Group has turned from a little family business into one of the biggest suppliers of educational services and resources in Europe and consists of 61 companies at 36 sites in 14 countries, whose main business purpose and mission is Education. The Group companies employ a workforce of 2,878 people and generates a turnover of € 449.9 million.

In Bulgaria, we offer more than 40 products and 250 training topics to our customers. Our key objective is to be a reliable partner in the continuous process of lifelong learning, by developing practical and innovative literature to address the needs of the education and training sector and bringing it a step closer to the “world of work”.

During the last 10 years RAABE has developed a solid programme with seminars and trainings also for the private sector. They are focused on the practical application of knowledge in practice with many examples and advice. During the last 3 years the total number of clients is more than 1100 from 300 different private companies. 

We have a team of 25 highly qualified professionals in different areas (research specialists, authors, editors, event organizers and managers, IT specialists, on-line marketing specialists). The main activities and achievements of our team are:

  • information products – manuals with replaceable pages, single editions, thematic series and CD’s;
  • training program that involves more than 150 topics for teachers and over 50 themes for school directors and school management teams;
  • more than 1800 successful training seminars for schools (general and VET);
  • over 35 000 trained teachers in different topics, addressing specific needs for further development of various professional and horizontal competencies.


Over the years our company has proved to be a leader in the field of continuous training in school education and VET and has established reliable contacts with over 70% of all schools in the country, as well as with all regional structures of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The principle of “lifelong learning” is now the main principle for every professional. We strongly believe that this is the only way to achieve high effectiveness and competitiveness, although the strive for further development, innovation and quality is sometimes difficult to follow – considering the enormous flow of information and the daily routine in business. Therefore, RAABE Bulgaria offers to its target groups professionally designed and developed, tested, and validated products – a fact that has made RAABE Bulgaria successful partner to support the education, training and professional development of various institutions and businesses.

 In order to complete our activity in accordance with the international standards for quality assurance we are certified in ISO management system standards EN ISO 9001:2008.

Mrs Nadezhda Tzvetkova -  Company Manager for RAABE Bulgaria;  has degrees in Accounting and Control, Law and is currently pursuing a qualification in Digital Marketing for E-learning Vocational Education. Mrs Tzvetkova will act as the legal representative of the project, chair of the Steering Committee, as well as lead on the overall budget control and quality assurance.


Mrs Katerina Kasabova - Program Director of  Education Department. She holds a professional qualification in Management of EU projects. Katerina has expert knowledge in Bulgarian educational system, EU educational strategies, policies and programmes. She will act as the main point of contact for the 3MVET project, as well as coordinating the overall implementation of project activities at consortium level, contribute to the design and development of the core products, dissemination and exploitation activities.


Mrs Galina Petrova - Project Manager in  Education Department. She will contribute to the design of the core project product, as she has experience in control of the implementation of State Education Requirements, the design and application of syllabus and curricula, management of education activity, methodological support, cooperation with high-level stakeholders.


Mr Dimitar Parvanov - marketing specialist. As head of web design and web development in RAABE Bulgaria, he acquired experience in management of web projects  – websites, portals, subscription portals and etc., and knowledge on various types of web platforms – CMS, LMS and other. 


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